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International Food and Beverage Trade Fair


Ukrainian Food Expo is an efficient international b2b-platform that can help you make a name in the market and present your product to your target audience, negotiate with potential partners, enter into successful contracts, establish a partnership, useful business dealings, and expand your sales market.

For the years of promoting Ukrainian foods on the foreign export markets and fairgrounds, gaining new business contacts, Ukrainian Food Export Board initiated in Ukraine new ground for business meetings and negotiations of Ukrainian food and beverage manufacturers with national and international buyers, suppliers of equipment, technologies and services to the food industry.

Ukrainian Food Expo aims at showcasing the diversity of Ukrainian food sector, develop direct communication and networking at the level of “manufacturer—distributor—retailer”, promoting Ukrainian foods on the international markets.


Exhibitors profile:

  • manufacturers of food products;
  • manufacturers of organic products;
  • manufacturers of craft and farm products;
  • suppliers of technologies and equipment;
  • companies providing transport and logistics services;
  • companies providing financial services.

Conferences in the framework of Ukrainian Food Expo 2021:

  • «Drinks 2021»
  • «Oil exports from Ukraine 2021»
  • «Grocery 2021»
  • «Fish & Seafood 2021»
  • «Fruits, Berries & Vegetables 2021»
  • «Confectionery & Bakery 2021»
  • «Meat Business 2021»
  • «Milk Processing 2021»


Facts and figures of Ukrainian Food Expo 2019: 

  • 158 exhibitors
  • 3859 visitors 
  • 460 international buyers from 60+ coutries
  • Ukrainian Food Expo covered a wide range of food products: milk and dairy products, meat and poultry, confectionery and bakery, fish and seafood, oils and fats, fruit, vegetables and berries, fine foods, beverages. Moreover, there were special expositions of local producers of farm and craft products; suppliers of equipment, technologies and services to the industry.




Mrs. Iryna Usyk, Sales Manager
Approach me on working with food producers
Tel: +38 067 636 93 17

Mr. Bogdan Shapoval
Approach me on working with manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technologies, packaging and ingredients for the food industry, working with logistics and service companies.
Tel: +38 067 441 06 02

Mr. Oleksandr Pisnyi, International Cooperation Manager
Approach me on cooperation with embassies, international organizations, reception of foreign delegations and foreign buyers.
Tel: +38 095 196 54 03






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