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International Heavy Machinery and Equipment Forum and Exhibition


Exhibited products and services:

Road construction machinery and equipment, technology and materials
Building machinery and equipment

Equipment for the production and transportation of concrete:

  • Concrete plants are stationary and mobile.
  • Concrete pump, concrete mixer, auto concrete mixer and autocement truck.
  • Car service equipment.
  • Additives and fillers for concrete mixtures.
  • Technologies of production of reinforced concrete constructions.

Building complexes, machines and mechanisms:

  • Cranes and installations.
  • Loaders, hydraulic and pneumatic transport.
  • Bulldozers, excavators, earth-moving and planing machines.

Technique for laying communications:

  • Construction and special transport.
  • Crushing machines.
  • Pumps, pumps and equipment for excavation work.
  • Drilling equipment.

Equipment and technologies for monolithic construction:

  • Formwork of various types, formwork cassettes and batteries.
  • Building scaffolding, fittings.
  • Equipment and mounting systems for shuttering systems.

Mining and quarry machinery:

  • Quarry special machinery.
  • Conveyor, overhead, locomotive transport.
  • Drilling machines and installations, drilling tools.
  • Pneumatic and hydro propulsion of mining machines.
  • Geological exploration equipment and technology.
  • Enrichment, processing equipment.
  • Auxiliary tools and materials.
  • Personal protective equipment, overalls.
  • Mine special machinery.
  • Trenching, clearing complexes.
  • Mine lifting machines.
  • Means of hydromechanization of mining operations.
  • Drainage, ventilation and compressor installations.
  • Load-carrying equipment.
  • Spare parts, completing to the mountain-mine equipment.
  • Mining-rescue, fire-fighting equipment.
  • Hydraulic hammers and other related equipement.
  • Personal protective equipment. Overalls.

Сommunal machinery, equipment, technology and materials:

  • Snow-removal equipment.
  • Technique for watering roads.
  • Technique for cleaning roads in the summer.
  • Repair and emergency equipment.
  • Vacuum machines.



For participation issues:

Mr. Sergey Krot
Tel: +380 (44) 461-9306,
mob. +380 (67) 504-0552,,

Mrs. Alina Lyubimenko
Теl./fаx: +38 (044) 461-9306;
мob.tел.: +38 (067) 509-5673,

On visiting:
Tel: +38 (063) 724 8474
Tel: +38 (044) 461 9306






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