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International Exhibition for Fruit and Vegetable Production, Processing, Storage & Handling Technologies and Fresh Produce and Supply


Fresh Business Expo is the leading trade event for all suppliers within the entire spectrum of the Fresh Produce Industry.

Fresh Business Expo is an international event that targets Fresh Produce Production, Processing, Storage & Handling Technologies and Produce and Supply in Ukraine and CIS Countries. The exhibition is organized by Nova Exhibitions BV (The Netherlands), “City of Dreams” Company” Ltd (Ukraine) and Fruit Inform (Ukraine).


Exhibited products and services:

  • Fruit / vegetables / berry / mushroom-growing, viticulture,
  • Seed production,
  • Growing technologies,
  • Technologies for storage of vegetables and fruits, berries, dried fruits, etc.
  • Greenhouse technologies and equipment,
  • Technologies for cooling, freezing and canning, as well as related equipment,
  • Equipment for the processing of fruits and vegetables, berries, etc.,
  • Equipment for chemical protection of plants and application of fertilizers,
  • Equipment for irrigation and drip irrigation,
  • Control devices,
  • Post-harvest technologies,
  • Packaging and sorting technologies,
  • Orchard gardens and berries technologies,
  • Systems for selecting crops for industrial gardens,
  • Seedlings and twigs, seedlings of berries,
  • Control and prevention of diseases, protection and replenishment of fruit plants,
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Vegetable stores and equipment for storage of finished products,
  • Packaging materials,
  • Fresh produce marketing,
  • Import / Export of fruit and vegetable products





Sales and organisation International:
Nova Exhibitions B.V.
Tel: +31 85 401 73 97

Sales and organisation Ukraine and CIS Countries:
“City of Dreams” Company” Ltd
Tel: +380 44 577 04 25
Fax: +380 44 577 04 26

Sales Ukraine and CIS Countries:
Tel/fax: +380 562 320795

Sales and organisation of Collective stands of German companies:
IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH
Phone:+49 6221 13 57 15
Fax:   +49 6221 13 57 23






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